Hardwood Forestry Links


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Hardwood Forestry Links



COFI - Council of Forest Industries.


CROWS - Forest Industry pricing, trends, markets ... 


Directory of Forest Products - The Internet's first and most comprehensive directory of forest products and pulp & paper related links to manufacturers, associations, academic and research institutions, commercial services...


Disease -see Library of Hardwood Information; Treatment against split & Infestation


Ex-Factory - Used Wood products equipments.


Forest Industry.com - Business solutions for the global forest industry . 


Forest Net - Home of North America's leading forestry journals.


Visit the Hardwood Information Center - Facts, tips, and useful advice provided by the Hardwood Manufacturers Assoc.


IWPA - International Wood Products Association, for importers of Forest products into the United States. 


Library of Hardwood Information - Sponsored by the Washington Hardwoods Commission, links to a variety of information including, availability, harvesting techniques, diseases, agencies, growth & yield, sustainability, conversion.


  Oregon Forest Research Institute, providing collaboration among forest scientists, public agencies, community organizations, conservation groups and forest landowners to provide objective information about responsible forest management; and encouraging environmentally sound forest practices through training and other educational programs.


  Timber Processing, publication


The Evergreen Foundation - Exists for the sole purpose to restore public confidence in science based forestry (web site will be available soon). 


Virginia Tech - Center for Forest Products Marketing and Management.


Washington Hardwoods Commission and UW Institute of Forest Resources Western Washington Hardwood Assessment Report
Supporting tables


WCMA - Wood Components Manufacturers Association. 


WFCA - Western Forestry and Conservation Association.


WPMA - Wood Products Manufacturers Association.


WoodWeb - Woodworking industry information.