Western Hardwood Links

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COFI - Council of Forest Industries.

RISI The leading information provider for the global forest products industry.

Directory of Forest Products - The Internet's first and most comprehensive directory of forest products and pulp & paper related links to manufacturers, associations, academic and research institutions, commercial services...

Forest Industry.com - Business solutions for the global forest industry . 

Forest Net - Home of North America's leading forestry journals.

Visit the Hardwood Information Center - Facts, tips, and useful advice provided by the Hardwood Manufacturers Assoc.

IWPA - International Wood Products Association, for importers of Forest products into the United States. 

Oregon Forest Research Institute, providing collaboration among forest scientists, public agencies, community organizations, conservation groups and forest landowners to provide objective information about responsible forest management; and encouraging environmentally sound forest practices through training and other educational programs.

Timber Processing, publication

The Evergreen Foundation - Exists for the sole purpose to restore public confidence in science based forestry (web site will be available soon). 

WCMA - Wood Components Manufacturers Association. 

WFCA - Western Forestry and Conservation Association.

WPMA - Wood Products Manufacturers Association.

WoodWeb - Woodworking industry information.